winter remains!

March 2, 2018



Happy Friday everyone!  Sorry this is late, your blogger is home with a cold and sort of spacey. darn it.


March is here and that means only 5 more weekends of grooming!

Photo is of the halfway point in the old Hog Loppet route. My Facebook feed this week was full of memories from that ski - various years, all good. Mission Peak is the little white nubbin at the top just left of center where this almost 20 mile ski begins. Then the route wound its way to Blewett Pass. The reason there are cornices in the making at this spot was due to this swatch being part of the Table Mtn burn area. What was once a thicket of dense trees became black matchsticks which is what you see here. The route went right along the edge of the trees and to get to this photo spot required a tiny bit "off grooming" skiing. I feel very lucky I was able to ski so many of the years it was held.  OK, done with memories.


Not much in the news since everything is rolling along smoothly with no breakdowns I have heard about, plenty of snow everywhere except Lake Easton State Park. Parking lots are all plowed.


The last of the big race events is at Cabin Creek tomorrow!  the Ozbaldy.

Get your registration in NOW!  Also:

In addition to the Ozbaldy 50K this Sunday, there is a kids' race on 
Saturday, starting at 10 AM. This will be the finals of the Washington 
Nordic Cup Series , a series of races for kids that is meant to create 
fun, low-cost, and low-stress racing opportunities for kids

Washington Nordic Cup


Meany is always a hub of activity. Last week was the patrol race and there were lots of skiers with short fat skis out and about on the 420 road. No race this weekend, but Trek and Lunch is on the list.


Snowshoe walks by USFS


Next weekend:

March 10th Erling Stordahl: Ski For Light

March 10th, 11th Crystal Springs: Meany Lodge Spring Carnival



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