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Monday Jan. 18th, 2021

Important WSDOT blog posting

Important USFS Press Release - please read!

Recreate Responsibly

We all love snow . . . but did you know that our mountain passes and Sno-Parks are seeing record-breaking numbers of visitors this year? We’re talking FIVE TIMES the number of Sno-Park permit sales this year vs. last (motorized and non-motorized)!

This overcrowding can not only cause you to have a less-than-enjoyable experience, but it's also presenting issues for those who manage these lands and facilities. Issues such as illegal parking can contribute to folks getting stuck or being involved in accidents, and packed roads and lots present a real problem for snow plows and our emergency responders.

For those of you new to the Sno-Park program, you will find a link above to purchase your daily or annual permit. Sno-Parks cost money to plow, and provide sani-cans. It is not tax dollar supported - its a user fee based program. No permits sold mean no Sno-Parks plowed. So purchase your permit before you head up to a Sno-Park. Please be informed about the Sno-Park you plan to visit.  See each Sno-Park page on this website to find out what each has to offer. Please review the winter trail etiquette by clicking on the button on this page.

Report from Salmon La Sac!

1/18/2021 – Monday – Groomed and set track to Salmon La Sac (SLS) trailhead and through SLS C.G.; beg., temp 27, ending temp 35; beautiful sunny day at SLS; once the temps started to increase, the grooming became very nice.  Groomed the loops in Cayuse CG, did not groom the connector trails due to washouts and flowing creeks.

Report from Lake Easton State Park crew:

Monday  1/18/2021  6:30 AM   32 Degrees partly cloudy

Hyak Sledding Hill:

Sledding Hill is open.


Hyak to Crystal Springs:

Grooming will begin in the AM.

Trail will be groomed according to schedule. 


Crystal Dog Sled Trails:

Next groom Monday  1/22/2021.

Trail will be groomed according to schedule. 


Lake Easton State Park:

Not enough snow for grooming

Lake Easton Reload:

Next groom Monday 1/22/2021 in the PM.

Trail will be groomed according to schedule.

Report from Salmon La Sac!

01/16/2021 – Salmon La Sac Ski Trail

1/15/2021 – Salmon La Sac – Packed entire trail system down with snowmobile; 10” of heavy, consolidated snow from storms Monday & Tuesday; temps in upper 30’s to low 40’s, unable to groom due to snow conditions and high temps.  


1/16/2021 – Salmon La Sac – Started grooming at 10AM and finished at 3:30PM; beginning temps upper 20’s, ending temps mid 30’s; did not groom Cayuse section due to trail being washed out before Cayuse C.G., and the section after Cayuse toward Salmon La Sac (SLS); concentrated on grooming up to SLS trailhead and throughout the SLS C.G., encountered numerous user groups throughout the day with very positive contacts; reminder to walkers, if you start to sink on groomed route please consider turning around or putting on snowshoes. Once the temps started to warm up, the grooming became very nice. I set track throughout the day and enjoyed conversation with the folks that I encountered. Planning on grooming Monday 1/18/21

See general schedule button on left on PC's or at the top but near the bottom button on mobile.

Up on the I-90 corridor, please do not park in the residential neighborhoods. Or in the I-90 freeway interchanges.

Here is a spot where you can check USFS road closures

One reason we started the Facebook page is to get up to date status. Conditions change very quickly up there and not all of us are everywhere all the time. Thank you to all who participate. We keep it friendly and to topic of I-90 Sno-Parks and nordic skiing. Click on the Facebook icon above. Or search for "Central Cascades Winter Recreation Council".

If you want to see the vault toilets available for use on the P2C, call winter rec at 1-360-902-8684 or 360-902-8663.

If you see any criminal activity / vandalism / property damage on either State Park property or USFS land, call Washington State Patrol at 509-925-5303 and they will dispatch help.

Call Kittitas County sheriff for county land at 509-925-8534 (KITTCOM)

As usual, if you have a life threatening emergency, call 911.

If you need a tow, call Willetts towing in Cle Elum and they will take care of you for a nice chunk of your hard earned money.


Goal is to maintain accurate information relating to nordic skiing in the I-90 corridor and US 97.

​CCWRC is pleased to present this source of information about the I-90 Sno-Parks in addition to other Sno-Parks in Kittitas County. We hope this information will help you decide where you would like to go. Whether it is from a grooming report, or you are willing to try out a new area. This site is created by CCWRC volunteers and those that recreate at various Sno-Parks.  CCWRC works as volunteers with Washington State Parks Sno-Park Program. 


A possible starting point might be the comprehensive Sno-Park page found on the Sno-Parks tab.


We will post news and events on Thursday nights for the upcoming weekend.  Check "News Blog" tab on top.


This website is meant to compliment the Washington State Parks winter recreation website - see link below. CCWRC site is one stop shopping for events and current conditions by those very familiar with the area.

thanks for visiting!​
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created 2013 by volunteers with no budget and no authority.

Please direct Sno-Park program questions and issues to winter@parks.wa.gov. 


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