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​WELCOME to the 2022/2023 season!
​Central Cascades Winter Recreation Council

non-motorized winter recreation in the I-90 corridor​
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Purchase your Sno-Park permit by using the button just to the top. It goes straight to the State Parks permit site. If you want to use any Sno-Park on I-90 east of the summit except Gold Creek or Easton Reload, you will need the special grooming add on sticker.

Well, that is a wrap for the regular scheduled 2022/2023 season. I think we reached pre COVID levels of use and it wasn't so bonkers except for those new snow and blue sky weekends. That is not saying it wasn't busy. I saw many of you out there enjoying our wonderfully groomed ski trails.  For those of you who ski until the snow melts, Kongsbergers Ski Club arranged and funded the contractor to continue grooming at Cabin Creek this weekend and next depending on conditions. Check out Kongsberger Ski Club website for updates.

Also - no plowing and Crystal gate is probably (never heard a positive from the land manager) open through April 9th and sanitation will remain until gate closes.

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USFS Visitor Center operations at the Pass Thursday-Sunday from 8:30 AM - 3:30


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Up on the I-90 corridor, please do not park in the residential neighborhoods (you will be ticketed). Or in the I-90 freeway interchanges - its illegal.

Click on the Facebook icon above. Or search for "Central Cascades Winter Recreation Council".

If you see any criminal activity / vandalism / property damage on either State Park property or USFS land, call Washington State Patrol at 509-925-5303 and they will dispatch help.

Call Kittitas County sheriff for county land at 509-925-8534 (KITTCOM)

If you have a life threatening emergency, call 911.

If you need a tow, call Willetts towing in Cle Elum.  509-674-4357. 


​CCWRC is pleased to present this source of information about the I-90 Sno-Parks in addition to other non-motorized Sno-Parks in Kittitas County. This site is created by CCWRC volunteers and those that recreate at various Sno-Parks.  CCWRC works as volunteers with Washington State Parks Sno-Park Program. 

This website is meant to compliment the Washington State Parks winter recreation website - see link below. CCWRC site is one stop shopping for events and current conditions by those very familiar with the area.

thanks for visiting!​
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