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Central Cascades Winter Recreation Council began Nov. 10th 2007 by Chris Caveizel who saw a need for more coordination and communication between users of the various Sno-Parks.  The Sno-Park program is heavily dependent on volunteers such as CCWRC.


The group meets once a month in the winter months (usually at a King County library) and meetings are open to the public.  CCWRC does not manage any finances nor make any decisions concerning the Sno-Park budget.  Our focus is communication / coordination and education.


10 voting members of the council consist of representatives of clubs, snowshoer, snow play.  Terms are for 2 years.


Current members:

Karen Behm - Chair, At large, past SMAC* member

Rune Harkestad - Grooming Coordinator / Kongsbergers Ski Club

Ellen Aagaard - Secretary, Snowshoers

Tim Becker - Snoqualmie Nordic Club

Paul Gould - Washington Ski Touring Club

Mark Halvorson - Sons of Norway / Trollhaugen

Michael Johnston - Northwest Sled Dog Assoc. / past SMAC* member

Shawn Pedersen - At large

Patti Polinsky - Mountanineers and Meany Lodge

Doug Sundberg - Ski for Light


* SMAC = Snowmobile Advisory Committee


Founding members:

Chris Caviezel

Erling Berg

Erick Balstad

Roger Young

Charlie Cornish

Gil Lund Sr.

Patti Polinski

Frances Troje

John Erik Stacy


  • CCWRC Twitter

created 2013 by volunteers with no budget and no authority.

Please direct Sno-Park program questions and issues to 


  • CCWRC Twitter
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