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Central Cascades Winter Recreation Council began Nov. 10th 2007 by Chris Caveizel who saw a need for more coordination and communication between users of the various Sno-Parks.  The Sno-Park program is heavily dependent on volunteers such as CCWRC.


The group meets once at the beginning of the winter season and at the end. Meetings are open to the public.  CCWRC does not manage any finances nor make any decisions concerning the Sno-Park budget.  Our focus is communication / coordination and education.


10 voting members of the council consist of representatives of clubs, snowshoer, snow play.  Terms are for 2 years.


Current members:

Karen Behm - Chair, At large, past SMAC* member

Rune Harkestad - Grooming Coordinator / Kongsbergers Ski Club

Ellen Aagaard - Secretary, Snowshoers

Tim Becker - Snoqualmie Nordic Club

Paul Gould - Washington Ski Touring Club

Mark Halvorson - Sons of Norway / Trollhaugen

Michael Johnston - Northwest Sled Dog Assoc. / past SMAC* member

Shawn Pedersen - At large

Dave Claar - Mountanineers and Meany Lodge

Doug Sundberg - Ski for Light


* SMAC = Snowmobile Advisory Committee


Founding members:

Chris Caviezel

Erling Berg

Erick Balstad

Roger Young

Charlie Cornish

Gil Lund Sr.

Patti Polinski

Frances Troje

John Erik Stacy


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