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Click on map to download. It is a "geopdf" and can be used in your iPhone or Android with the app called "Avenza Maps" by Avenza and have GPS capabilities.

Erling Stordahl trail system is a small gem with hills, curves, flats and scenery.  This trail system was developed by the Sons of Norway and partnered with Ski for Light.  When Ski for Light has events, dual tracks are set side by side.

To access this system, exit going up the small hill (skier exit) out of the parking lot, turn right and then enter to the left just across from the snowmobile exit.  This the main entrance into Erling Stordahl.

Crystal Springs Sno-Park
Erling Stordahl Trail System

Pass needed: seasonal Sno-Park permit, with a special grooming sticker or a one day pass.  See permit info here.

*Exit 62

*Parking spaces, a lot, available in Lot 1 (first one) and Lots 4 and 5.


*Erling Stordahl is skier only on groomed trails, no dogs, no snowshoes, no walking

*Parking shared with snowmobiles but separated parking areas.

*unmarked snowshoe routes. Sometimes routes are stomped out by the Mountaineers or other volunteers. Map on this page shows the main routes in purple - dashed.


From Sno-Park - Access to:

Seattle Mountaineers Meany Lodge

Erling Stordahl Trails and Trollhaugen Lodge

Sled Dog Trails

Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail, connecting to Hyak Sno-Park or Easton Reload Sno-Park.


Sno-Park managed by Lake Easton State Park

Ski trails on USFS managed land and State Parks

To report criminal activity call 911 to be routed to dispatch.


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