Salmon La Sac Sno-Park

Pass needed: Seasonal Sno-Park permit or a day pass.  See permit info here.

*Parking spaces, 100, shared with motorized


*Snow play, snow shoe, backcountry skiing, voluntary non-motorized areas, and groomed snowmobile trails.


*Sno-Park managed by USFS, Cle Elum Ranger District

*For local conditions: (509) 852-1100

Salmon La Sac is located in the beautiful Cle Elum valley at the head of Lake Cle Elum going north on SR 903.  The parking lot is shared with snowmobiles, but skiers and snowshoers have the giant Salmon La Sac campground to themselves.


This area has a more open forest compared to the west side and opportunities for off trail exploring.


Check out the voluntary non-motorized roads to the east.  You can climb for hours and views are frequent.  Opportunities exist for backcountry turns up high.


This area often receives snow when it may be raining on Snoqualmie Pass.


Salmon La Sac is scheduled for grooming on Fridays and Mondays. Snowshoers please stay off to the edge of the grooming, but this area is open enough to explore without snowshoeing on the grooming.

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created 2013 by volunteers with no budget and no authority.

Please direct Sno-Park program questions and issues to 


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