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Lake Easton Sno-Park

Pass needed: Seasonal Sno-Park permit with the special grooming sticker, or a day pass.  

*Exit 70

*Parking spaces, 30

*Heated restrooms!

*Snow play, snowshoe on lightly used snowmobile trail along the north border of the lake

*5k groomed ski trail

*NO DOGS on ski trail grooming.

State Parks has a WAC - WAC-352-32-060 concerning pets and there is a section: (3) In any state park area, pets or domestic animals, except for assistance animals for persons with disabilities, are not permitted on any designated swimming beach; within a natural area preserve; during the skiing season on any designated alpine ski site or cross country ski trail in which the track has been prepared, set, or groomed; or in any public building unless so posted.

Fat tire bicycles are allowed on the groomed trails on a trial basis.  Riders - please make sure the trail is hardened. See fat bike activity page for information.


*Sno-Park managed by Lake Easton State Park

Lake Easton is a quieter Sno-Park with great snow play opportunities and a nice winding groomed ski trail through the woods eventually passing by Yakima River viewpoints along the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail.  This is a nice area to practice your skating as the hills are small and there are plenty of curves.

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