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Winter Safety - Be Prepared

This webpage is still under construction.

Links on this page have tons of information, check them out!

Carry extra water, snacks, change of clothes

Be prepared to wait an hour or more for help even on the groomed ski trails. There is not a nordic patrol operating out of the Sno-Parks.

Tree snow unloading still applies

Watch out for water areas with possible slot canyons that go down 10 ft

Be prepared to be caught on I-90 for hours (or days)

Be prepared to be stuck in a Sno-Park

Be prepared for Sno-Parks to be full.

Be prepared for HUGE crowds

Be prepared for more snow than you may expect

If you are in a snow load area and there is a bit of wind, or a quick warm up, pay attention and if you need to, be safe and get to open areas away from power lines. Or, come back another time, it's better to live for another ski day right?


If there are sawyers (those folks using chainsaws) out working – STAY CLEAR – one cannot stress this enough. Often these trees are hazard trees and could be unpredictable. Not all trees can be cut at night, so if you encounter tree cutting work, please please keep your distance or preferably find another place to ski or snowshoe.


If a groomer is going to pass, you NEED to get off the trail – not just to the edge. I know this is tough in places on the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail, but if you see it coming in the distance, do what you can to find a safe place to step off.

WARNING – Recreating in the winter is inherently dangerous and can be deadly! There are many dangers including avalanches, hypothermia, route finding and getting stuck in the snow.

By accessing this page you acknowledge these dangers.

BE PREPARED before you leave home!

Conditions change quickly! It can be wet, sunny, or snowing all in the same hour.

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