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Leavenworth Ski Association


Or more rider tips via Methow Trails here


for informal local rides and general information check out "Northwest Fatbike" on Facebook.



fat bikes / snow cycling

​Fat bikes (snow cycling) is gaining in popularity. These bikes are outfitted with ultra fat tires with very low tire pressure which float on snow covered trails.

Please:  Be considerate to other trail users.  I-90 corridor is a very high use area.  If your ride is causing foot prints or ruts, please come back another time when the surface is set up.

Please do NOT ride in the middle of the skate lane which is the flat middle section.  Ride to the edge where the snowshoer's walk

As of the 2018/2019 season, cyclists are encouraged to ride: sled dog trails out of Crystal Springs Sno-Park, Lake Easton State Park, Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail from the 54 road (Stampede Pass) all the way to Easton Reload Sno-Park.  That section is shared with snowmobiles. Ride on!


In our area on Snoqualmie Pass, the snow conditions are such that the surface is not very firm and trails are heavily used by skiers.  East of the pass tends to be a bit colder and trails are less intensely used.

You will need to have a Sno-Park permit and a special grooming sticker for Crystal Springs and Lake Easton State Park areas.  Easton Reload does not need a special grooming sticker.

Go to the Crystal Springs Sno-Park page or the Mushing page for maps

Go to the Easton Reload Sno-Park page for a map


Lightly used groomed snowmobile trails on the east side of the pass, where the trails have a chance to set up, better weather and less potential for user conflict.


Try these Sno-Parks:

Salmon La Sac

Easton Reload

29 Pines out the Teanaway




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