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Cabin Creek / Erling Stordahl / Hyak / Salmon La Sac
schedule / grooming notes and weather sites

This 2023 / 2024 season is scheduled to have grooming everyday somewhere in the corridor. 

That said, there is a budget to stay within and to make the dollars stretch the entire season, the operators at times need to adjust to conditions.

Salmon La Sac is scheduled for grooming on Fridays and Mondays.


Hyak to Crystal Springs on the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail  AND the Sled Dog trail system is groomed every day except Tuesdays.

Cabin Creek will have some grooming every day.

Erling Stordahl Wednesdays and weekends.

weather sites

WSDOT highway pass reports

WSDOT winter driving tips


Northwest Avalanche Center for storm and avalanche conditions and forecast

NWS - Easton  Hill (Crystal Springs)

Summit at Snoqualmie commercial operations

Cliff Mass Blog

more weather links:

Sleet vs freezing rain


Freezing rain


NWS - winter safety


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