Above photo is an example of both a skate skier in the skate lane and a classic skier in the set tracks.



Please snowshoe to the far side, do not snowsoe down the middle of the skate lane or on skier set tracks.

photo to the right (or below on mobile) is an example of what NOT to do.

Please do NOT WALK right down the middle minutes after it is groomed!  Just don't do it.  Walk elsewhere.

trail etiquette

Our Sno-Parks are very heavily used. We all need to follow trail etiquette so everyone can enjoy the trails.  Grooming is very expensive and to insure quality trails please following suggestions:

Above all - be nice!

1) Please do not walk on groomed ski trails. Nothing destroys a groomed trail any faster than walking does.  Please walk elsewhere.

2) Snowshoers, please snowshoe at the very edges. Please DO NOT snowshoe down the middle of the grooming (skate platform), nor on the set tracks.  Please snowshoe off to the outside of the set tracks.  See image to the left.  It is far nicer to snowshoe off the grooming. In ungroomed areas, please do not snowshoe in tracks make by skiers.

3) Skiers - If you fall, try to fill in your hole.  Do not stop on the middle of the trail, on a curve or at the bottom of a hill.  Watch for one-way signs. Downhill and faster skiers have right of way.

4) Skijorers - please only ski with your dog out of Crystal Springs using the groomed sled dog trails. ALL DOGS MUST BE ON LEAD / LEASH.  Watch out for big teams and control your dog so no tangles happen.  Teach your dogs "on-by" which is a very useful command.

5) Fat bikers - please ride only when the snow is set up and firm. In our area, that is rare. If your bike creates ruts, come back another day.  If your lucky and have a nice firm day, please ride on to the edges. Please do not ride down the middle of the skate lane or on set tracks.

One of the best blogs on the subject is here: https://www.rei.com/blog/snowsports/winter-trail-etiquette


Seattle Times

Leave no Trace

Do a web search on "cross country ski trail etiquette" and you will see many other tips and suggestions.  Always check the "etiquette" for the area you will be recreating.


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Please direct Sno-Park program questions and issues to winter@parks.wa.gov.

WARNING – Recreating in the winter is inherently dangerous and can be deadly! There are many dangers including avalanches, hypothermia, route finding and getting stuck in the snow.

By accessing this page you acknowledge these dangers.

BE PREPARED before you leave home!

Conditions change quickly! It can be wet, sunny, or snowing all in the same hour.

During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, continue to follow the latest guidance from local, state, and federal health officials. Avoid unnecessary risks that could impact first responders and stress medical resources.  Wear a mask when appropriate, practice social distancing, and consider recreating closer to home


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