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Gold Creek Sno-Park

Pass needed: seasonal Sno-Park permit, or a one day pass   See permit info here.

*I-90, Exit 54

*Parking spaces - 250, parking on north side (exit side) of road only.

*The road is the Sno-Park.  Begins at road entrance (just off freeway interchange)



*Please practice "Leave No Trace"


*Sno-Park managed by USFS, Cle Elum Ranger District

for more information call (509) 852-1100


Gold Creek Sno-Park is an ungroomed Sno-park with 3 sections to it. 

First is by the Gold Creek I-90 interchange, snowshoe or ski on up the popular Kendall Peak Lakes road or play in the snow. Be avalanche aware, this route does have potential for slides.


Second section is one mile down the road where there is access to the Gold Creek Pond and private residences up valley.  Please respect private property and pack out all garbage.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR GARBAGE BY SANI CANS.  THERE IS NO GARBAGE SERVICE!


Third is end of the road.  You will share this section with snowmobiles, but park here for snowshoeing in the Mt. Margaret area.  


This Sno-Park gets heavy heavy use, please pack out all garbage including your dogs droppings.  Thousands of people and their dogs come here.  Be considerate for those following by packing up your garbage and taking it with you.  

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