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Click on map to download. It is a "geopdf" and can be used in your iPhone or Android with the app called "Avenza Maps" by Avenza and have GPS capabilities.

Erling Stordahl trail system is a small gem with hills, curves, flats and scenery.  This trail system was developed by the Sons of Norway and partnered with Ski for Light.  When Ski for Light has events, dual tracks are set side by side.

To access this system, exit going up the small hill (skier exit) out of the parking lot, turn right and then enter to the left just across from the snowmobile exit.  This the main entrance into Erling Stordahl.

Crystal Springs Sno-Park

Pass needed: seasonal Sno-Park permit, with a special grooming sticker or a one day pass.

*I-90, Exit 62

*Parking spaces - a lot, separated use areas. Non-motorized parking is the first left once you enter the Sno-Park, 2nd parking is Lot 4 which is overnight parking and Lot 5 is the sled dog parking.


*Groomed trails for snowmobile, skier and sled dog

*no sledding anywhere in the parking area.

*No off leash dogs ever.  Never.  Don't even think of it. Not in parking lot nor on the trails. State Parks regulations require all dogs on leash.

Access to:

Trollhaugen and Meany Lodges

Erling Stordahl Ski Trails

Sled Dog Trails

The "Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail", connecting to Hyak Sno-Park and to Easton Reload Sno-Park.


Sno-Park managed by Lake Easton State Park

to report criminal activity: 509-925-5303 or 509-656-2586 (office)


Crystal Springs is a very busy place, but there is a little bit for everyone out of this area.  You will be sharing parking with snowmobilers, but parking and trails are separated.  There are 3 main non-motorized exit points to the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail:

1) Crystal Dog Trail out of back lot, shared with dog teams and skijorers

2) Stampede Pass Rd (USFS 54), separated use

3) Snow crossing (ungroomed) off Forest Loop by Mosquito Creek bridge out of Erling Stordahl.  This crossing is about 1/4 mile east of Stampede Pass Rd.

For more trail detail, check out the blog

This huge Sno-Park has a lot of offer and is a very busy place.  Skiers can enjoy tours up to Lost Lake or up to Stampede and Dandy passes if they would like some climbing and don't mind sharing the trail with snowmobilers.  This option is best chosen on a weekday.  If you are thinking of skiing to Lake Easton State Park, be aware that the bridge to continue into the State Park is substantially barricaded in the winter. The P2C trail going east from Stampede Pass (54 road) is groomed with snowmobile funds and trail is shared with snowmobiles.  Light use.


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