where can I go with my dog?

***Please do NOT t​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ake your dog to:

Hyak (Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail)

Erling Stordahl (Crystal Springs Sno-Park)

Lake Easton State Park

Cabin Creek north side of I-90!​

Where can we go?

There are a few places.  First, please be considerate to others and keep your dog on a leash for everyone's benefit and safety - especially the dog's.  Please pick up and pack out your dogs droppings. In this area, hundreds and hundreds - make that thousands - of people will be following you and your dog during the course of the winter.  Please do not leave the poo bags behind, take those home with you.

THERE IS NO GARBAGE SERVICE.  Please practice  "Leave No Trace"

​Dogs are allowed:
* Any ungroomed Sno-Park such as Asahel Curtis (Denny Creek), Gold Creek, Easton Reload, Blewett Pass, Pipe Creek, Swauk Campground.

Also check the dog mushing page for sled dog trail system out of Crystal Springs where dogs are allowed - on leash.

* Any groomed snowmobile trail, but please keep your dog safe in these areas. Photo on right is taken up on top of Stampede Pass. Bottom right is out on sled dog trails.


* Cabin Creek Sno-Park's lower South Loop accessed out of the lower parking lot.  Absolutely no dogs on the north side of the freeway in the core area.  The south loop is groomed for most weekends, and at random as conditions allow.

* Salmon La Sac

State Parks has a WAC - WAC-352-32-060 concerning pets and there is a section: (3) In any state park area, pets or domestic animals, except for assistance animals for persons with disabilities, are not permitted on any designated swimming beach; within a natural area preserve; during the skiing season on any designated alpine ski site or cross country ski trail in which the track has been prepared, set, or groomed; or in any public building unless so posted.


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