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If you are unable to snowshoe on ungroomed  routes, the above photo is an example of how to share and preserve the trail for all uses.  Please snowshoe to the far side.

Below photo is an example of both a skate skier in the skate lane and a classic skier in the set tracks.

skate ski example.jpg
snowshoe options

​There are snow drifts of reasons that snowshoeing is the fastest growing winter non-motorized activity. Navigating forests and viewing wildlife is easier than with skis, perfect for the explorer in all of us, from kids to grandparents. 


Go Prepared!



  • Sno-Park Pass

  • Directions

  • Chains 

  • Alternate plan (if the Sno-Park is full)

  • Area map - Green Trails is pretty good.  Purchase at many outdoor stores.

  • Be avalanche aware. Just because someone else walked a particular area does  not necessarily mean it is safe or they know where they were going.

  • Grooming is where the snow is packed down. Skiers use the center and the set tracks, snowshoe users please reference the above graphic.


  • Long underwear, with weatherproof shell

  • Gloves and hat, snow shoes and poles (of course)

  • Dry “apres” clothes (for afterward)

  • Start and stay tanked up: snacks and warm drinks before, during and after.

  • In your backpack keep the 10 Essentials.


Guided Snow Shoe Opportunities:

Forest Service - Join one of many ranger-led interpretive programs by visiting the Snoqualmie Pass Forest Service Information and Education Center located at the new "Firehouse".  Link to left. You can also register for the tours at that link.

Lake Easton State Park - see button on left for flyer. PS still waiting on 2023 flyer

Dec. 23 and 30, Jan. 1, 6, 8 and 20, 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., Guided snowshoe hike, Easton Reload Sno-Park. Sno-Park permit required.

Mountaineers have dozens of classes and tours - button on left, or at the top on mobiles.

REI has many opportunities. see button.


Sno-Parks with snowshoeing options:

Asahel Curtis / Denny Creek - road to Franklin Falls

Annette Lake Trailhead - new this season, Sno-Park Pass required

Gold Creek - Kendall Peak Lakes Rd, Gold Creek Pond.

Crystal Springs / Erling Stordahl - There are snowshoe routes winding through the ski area. Please stay off the ski grooming.

Cabin Creek - South Loop - the South Loop trail is great for beginners and reached from the far parking lot, occasionally groomed for multi-use. Mt. Amabilis is a very popular ski area, and very crowded, you may want to snowshoe elsewhere where you can get away from the crowds.  You also need the special grooming sticker to park here.

Lake Easton State Park - Relaxed atmosphere, snowshoe through the campgrounds or along the lake shore next to the groomed snowmobile trail (lightly used) to the outside of the groomed trail. In this area, the forest is open enough to go explore.

Easton Reload - a new trail is marked. This is where Lake Easton State Park staff will lead tours this season.

French Cabin Creek pullout - small area for easy snowshoeing

Salmon la Sac - Winter wonderland exploring shared with snow machines.  This can be an excellent area to venture off the groomed as it is a bit more open and very scenic. Try the voluntary non-motorized areas.

Swauk Campground  and Pipe Creek - Winter wonderland exploring. Pipe Creek non-motorized area has marked touring routes for skiers and snowshoers.

Blewett Pass - Pretty much anywhere.  please do not snowshoe on tracks made by skiers. Blaze your own trail.

And remember - Please DO NOT snowshoe down the middle of the grooming (packed area which is the skate platform), nor on the set tracks. Please snowshoe off to the outside of the set tracks.

Seattle Times article 2/22



photo to the right is an example of what NOT to do.

Please do NOT WALK right down the middle minutes after it is groomed!

boottracks small.png


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