still no snow, waiting and waiting

Happy New Year!

Well, all of us sure would like to see some snow. Maybe someone can post some of their snow dances and prayers to our Facebook site?

Top of Amabilis is groomed. About 1 hour walk up to "Y", then go left and walk about 10 more minutes. I've been told it is good up there. The groomer reports about 16 - 17" of snow. Go prepared, it is 2.3 miles to the Y and about 1000' vertical to where grooming begins at 3400'. The top of Amabilis is 4554'.

This is accessed out of Cabin Creek. check map on Cabin Creek Sno-Park page.

Nordic Chris will be posting Hyak weather to @Hummingbirder on Twitter as he can. Glad to have him back! Thank you Chris.

This is the beginning of our event season. Please check the event calendar and find an event to participate in.

Reminder - Blewett Pass Sno-Park (shared with snowmobiles) is expanded. Signs are posted for optimium parking, please help out.

#hummingbirder #eventcalendar

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