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cold and snow

Updated: Jan 13

Hey, it snowed!  Did anyone tell you?

Well, it was a decent storm cycle, but not as robust as one would wish for right now.  But with this snow depth at least at pass level, we should be soon into normal operations.

Key thing for this weekend – dress for COLD.  Even for those of us who have experienced colder temperatures and know what to expect and probably have clothes for comfort, we are not acclimated to this just yet.  Wind chill can be dangerous. It is not a great time to take the kids out to play without hat and mittens that stay on and a face covering.  Or find a location where you can take many breaks in a warm area. Just be prepared. There are many websites out there giving you hints – such as WSDOT. Winter Driving Tips.

Notice the above photo?  I’ve posted many examples through the years.  It is always a good reminder to carry that big shovel when traveling in the mountains. Nowadays with I-90 becoming such an adventure to travel over at any time, it is even more important to be prepared. 

And for our important doggie companions, this came in my email today from Spokane Nordic.  Excellent discussion on caring for your dog. Thank you Spokane Nordic skjior folks!

National Weather Service has really nice graphics to view:

Have fun and dress warm!


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