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It's been snowing! finally!!!!

The groomer for Cabin Creek has been working hard for our enjoyment up high. Now it looks like he can work his magic for those that do not want to hike an hour to get to carpet. see photo.

As you all know, snow is coming. At Pass level we will have the snow level flucuations that are ever so common in this maritime climate. As of now, Thursday night, it looks like it will come as more snow than mostly rain. So, be mindful that just because it has snowed, the trails might not be as perfect as this photo. Since there is no base, the groomers need to prep first. rolling and stuff. 7" of snow at Cabin Creek has squished to a few inches, so if you go tomorrow, be careful. Cabin Creek groomer reports "The Road" is rolled, as is rest of the system, but no set track. It is decent.

The groomer for the John Wayne Pioneer Trail, reports that Hyak recieved 8" today and they need about another 12" to begin grooming (Crystal Springs at the east end does not get as much). So it is a day to day decision with a possibility of reduced grooming.

Erling Stordahl needs quite a bit of snow in order to groom due to all the rocks.

the Crystal Springs snowmobile groomer is out preping trails too.

I will update this blog as the updates come in.

I am also giving a shout out and a huge thank you to Tim Foss, our USFS winter recreation ranger who is retiring. We will miss him and his dedication to a challenging winter recreation program where he has worked hard for all user groups. We hope to see you out there Tim, playing in the snow without a uniform and radio. We wish you the best.


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