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alternative thinking

As some of us grapple with the lack of snow, and feel gyped, others are out there skiing and having some fun!!! If a person adjusts their thinking, and makes the effort to head on up, there could be some nice surprises. Just walk a bit farther than normal to put your skis on. Looks like the sun will be out and that is always nice.

For starters - Erling Stordahl is open! Take rock skis, but our groomer spent days out there rearranging snow to cover up bare spots. Some tracks are set. Cabin Creek is skatable, and up top conditions continue to be excellent.

Crystal Springs has light snowmobile use right now and there are options for tours up Stampede / Dandy or Tacoma passes.

Further east, options are hiking only. Lake Easton State Park is a nice place to walk in the off season.

Salmon La Sac is mostly bare.

Blewett Pass has some snow, and the top of Table Mtn has had the snowmobile groomer go through and there is about 16" up top. If you head to Swauk Campground or Pipe Creek, be prepared for variable conditions.

As for activities - see events page for the calendar - BUT -

there are some changes:

The Jente Loppet is postponed until Feb. 8th. Some of you will have to choose between the Jente Loppet or the Patrol Race as both events are the same day now.

The Special Olympics scheduled for Feb. 1st is cancelled.

Photo is from a number of years ago. Blewett Pass - County Line Rd.


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