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it snowed!

Well, we are saying goodbye to a very dry January, and welcoming a much snowier February. right?

We are celebrating a foot of new snow, but it is wet. Sno-Parks were plowed.

Only event is the Sons of Norway race at Erling Stordahl.Next week is the 1st annual Patrol Race. Look it up on Facebook.

The same weekend is the rescheduled Jente Loppet and Treats on the Trail.Events with hyperlinks posted here:!home/c247w

Snow conditions:From Lake Easton State Park groomer:Trail grooming will begin on a limited schedule on Saturday Feb. 1st at 2:30 AM. Iron Horse State park will be groomed departing from the Hyak Snow park to the east. Grooming will continue east towards Crystal Springs where conditions allow. Grooming is scheduled weekly on Saturday and Sunday only until further notice. Hyak sledding hill will not be officially groomed. Lake Easton state park will not be groomed due to poor snow conditions and low snow levels

Yippee - it's something!

Erling Stordahl had some attention and should be skiable without having to take off your skis. Forest Loop and Challenge loop still need more snow tho. As for track setting, depends on if it cools down. Cabin Creek remains to be OK.

Don't forget you can check the ES /CC grooming report here:

Sled dog trails will be groomed on Friday. Volunteers worked on leveling and filling holes this week in preparation for tilling and rolling.

Our groomers are every bit as anxious as us skiers to be out there in the snow, so rest assured, they are working hard when they can.

Conditions won't be perfect since we still don't have that 2-3' base, but hopefully we'll get it soon.


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