a little of this, a little of that

Weather is what it is, a little of this and a little of that. Grooming will be what it ends up being, go prepared with Plan B. Salmon La Sac was groomed for what was probably the first time of the season last Monday, but not groomed today.

Our weather forecast is a real mixed bag for the next few days, but always pay attention to the avalanche report.

Check out this educational video NWAC posted today here.

For those whose fun is not dependent on grooming, check out last Saturday's Patrol Race photos on Facebook. Looked like a great day.


Ski for Light if Erling Stordahl gets more snow - Saturday

Stampede Race at Cabin Creek. This is a big race and a good weekend to explore another area. Kids race on Saturday and Stampede on Sunday.

Sled dog races were cancelled.

Next weekend:

Treats on the Trail out of Hyak and the Hog Loppet trek - Mission Ridge to Blewett Pass.

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