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2 weekends left

Happy Spring!

While many of us are turning to bikes and mowing the lawn, there is new snow awaiting up high. You may want to set the lawn mowing task aside and head on up for the 2nd to last weekend of the grooming. Spring is often a great time to get out the backcountry skis and go exploring - off piste - birds are out and it is usually quiet otherwise.

Our last event of the season is Ski for Light at Erling Stordahl. Tracks are set side by side and in some places, it is tight for skating. They will be out on Saturday.

Check out the Erling Stordahl trail history HERE (hot off the press).

Our Sno-Park program relies on volunteers to do many things. If it was not for our volunteers, out there year after year, things would be a lot different. Each area has different folks doing different things. Some of these are; sign installation and removal, putting up maps, cleaning up after people, trail work in the off season, volunteer groomer operators out there late at night working hard, parking lot hosting, website maintenance and much much more. Many of these volunteers also fork out significant sums of their hard earned money for various supplies. I for one, am very appreciative of everyone's efforts! I could not begin to name everyone for fear of missing someone, but you know who you are. thank you! thank you!

Since this is the last weekend for events, this will be the last blog for the season.

This website will go down in April and will be revived next fall.

See you all up in the snow untl the end of the month.

Have a great summer!


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