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Welcome to Winter 2015

Welcome back!

We are hoping the snow will arrive sooner than it did last season as we have a full slate of activities and fun to be had. Activities almost every weekend from races and events to treats on the trail.

The budget for this season remained intact in spite of significant reduction in permit sales last winter. This summer saw mimimal trail work compared to previous season, but improvements none the less. Biggest project was a water crossing (bridge) on Nikki's trail out on the sled dog trail system all completed by volunteers. Nikki's trail top terminus is at the transmission tower by the railroad gate going up to Meany Lodge. Then the trail drops down following a power corridor and eventually connects up with the John Wayne Pioneer Trail near one of the rest stops (just to the east). This is a fun trail that is long and either a long downhill or a long uphill. If you go out there, plan to be skiing for a couple of hours. There was also badly needed tread improvements and brushing throughout Erling Stordahl.

We also will have some signing improvments on trails out of Crystal Springs and Erling Stordahl.

Grooming commenced Dec. 1st, but mostly at top of Mt. Amabilis out of Cabin Creek. Currently "The Road" is seeing some grooming. Cabin Creeks trails are very buff and the snow cover needed is much less than at other areas. Be sure to check out the grooming report on both the State Parks website and Kongsbergers website. Or one stop shopping on this website. There is a Facebook page "Central Cascades Winter Recreation Council" where anyone can write a trip report! Please use! Love those photos!

Kongsberger Ski Club also installed new temperature gages at base and top of Mt Amabils - on their home page. cool.

Hyak sledding hill is not groomed yet and will remained closed until more snow arrives.

So while snow depth is slow to arrive, you can still plan events. The event calendar is posted under Event Calendar.

At the moment, it may be incomplete, but I wanted to get it up anyway. I'll fix as needed.

Fat bikes - gaining in popularity and we are seeing them out on our trails. Fat bike riders are encouraged to ride out of Crystal Springs on the sled dog trail system. They can also ride from Stampede Pass road east to Lake Easton State Park on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail. The snowmobile Sno-Parks on the east side would be a good choice (other than Salmon la Sac due to heavy use).

Ski Leavenworth is allowing limited cycling on the ski trails now. Check out their info and other links here.

This news blog will be updated each Thursday throughout the season (other than next Christmas Day).

Have a great holiday and see you out on the snow soon!


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