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Is it really January?

Well, this season is looking to be a repeat of last season. I find it odd to have very little snow at pass level since this is January and it is the Washington Cascades after all. I bought some snowshoes a number of years ago for times like this, may have to dig those out. In the meantime –

Kongsberger Ski Club has buffed their trail bases for potential early season grooming. Complementing all the clubs hard work over the years, the Cabin Creek groomer contractor is passionate about his product, has many tools in the quiver, and loves to put down beautiful corduroy. So be sure to check the Facebook page (Central Cascades Winter Recreation Council) for user trip reports, or the ski report here.

I bet there will be good skiing to be had out of Cabin Creek – especially heading up Mt Amabilis. Traveling up Amabilis you are rewarded with gorgeous views and a nice easy or hard workout depending on your goal. Give it a go. If you prefer to snowshoe to the top, please stay to the side of the grooming leaving the skating platform open – or better yet, blaze your own trail.

As for the other Sno-Parks, there is not enough snow for grooming. While Hyak may look like it can get groomed, farther east down the trail, there are some sections where the snow melts out fast. Trails out of Crystal Springs Sno-Park have bare spots. No snow at Lake Easton Sno-Park.

No activities this week due to lack of snow.

Scant snow at pass level can open opportunities for walking up to snow level, strap on those snowshoes and start exploring. Gold Creek Sno-Park has opportunities to climb high, so does Crystal Springs as far as Sno-Parks in the I-90 corridor go. Salmon La Sac has excellent snowshoe opportunities - going up into the voluntary non-motorized area going east (uphill) out of the Sno-park. See maps on the Sno-Parks pages.


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