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WOW - It is snowing up on the pass!

Welcome back! I guess it is time to update this website and blog. That meant I needed to remember a password. Success.

Well, after last non-winter, we are really hoping for some snow and at least a base that will stick around for a few months. At the moment I am optimistic that this round of weather might do the job, so keep your eyes on the cams and weather reports. Typically this time of year we can easily have the rain snow rain snow cycles, which is normal. At this point wet heavy snow makes for a good packable base.

I do believe there may be extra effort given to get the sledding hill open ASAP at Hyak instead of just relying on mother nature. We'll see.

It typically takes around 2 -3 feet to groom in most areas, but in some areas, grooming can occur on inches. So, it depends on snow consistency, trail obstacles (storm damage), and available equipment.

The Sno-Park program is a not for profit endeavor. All money from the sales of the Sno-park permits fund the plowing, grooming and sani-cans. None of these are cheap - especially grooming!. The program provides a basic service and is statewide! So that permit works at any Sno-Park within Washington State.

buy it here:

This program is HEAVILY dependent on its volunteers which do most of the pre-season trail work/clearing and storm damage repair, signage and much more. USFS budgets are such that they are unable to do just about anything anymore. So the Sno-Park program now funds some drainage work (also completed by volunteers). If you are not happy with the trail conditions, check in and see where you can help. Contact, or

PS - I am a volunteer too - and have a full time job, so my blogs are done quickly (but still take a significant chunk of time) and often at 10:30 at night. I.e. - not works of prose or proper grammar, short choppy sentences and probably some misspellings. If you would like to write a blog, just email me at

See you out there very soon! Karen


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