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mid Jan. and still not in full operation

Conditions update first - everything is mostly back to normal with the one exception of the sled dog trails. The part for the grooming machine arrived and installation is set for Friday. It will be a delicate operation and we hope the fix is successful. It might take a few days.

The John Wayne Pioneer Trail going east from the Stampede Pass road was groomed this week! Yeah!.

The "power people" - exactly who they are I am not positive - are still out fixing something. So you might see equipment out and about out of Crystal Springs. We all like power, so hopefully they get it fixed soon.

All trails will be groomed on Monday - Martin Lurther King holiday.

With luck, we will have no one thinking it is a great idea to drive on the nicely groomed ski trails this weekend.


Patrol Race entry lottery due tomorrow - Friday


Ski For Light out of Erling Stordahl. There weill be side by side set tracks.

Meany Lodge Trek and Lunch.

Next weekend, Saturday Jan 23rd is Treats on the Trail sponsored by Snoqualmie Nordic - out of Hyak.

Mountaineers Nordic lessons - out of Erling Stordah.

Reminder - go enjoy Lake Easton while conditions are so nice over there. Or be adventuresome and go try out Blewett Pass or Salmon La Sac.

See you out there!


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