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big weather switch

Connie and Dave out enjoying a winter wonderland with their friends sonewhere out of Crystal Springs..

Today was a weather change up on the pass. Lots of new snow, but a tad heavier than what we've been experiencing. Hoping for drier snow to return.

I neglected to post news from Adventure Awaits. check it out! Scroll down to see the mention on the fat bike options. Lake Easton State Park is allowing riding this season. When the dog sled multi use trails get groomed, those will be available for cycling.

Speaking of dog sled trails - still not groomed! The groomer fix is lengthy / expensive / labor intensive and done by volunteers. We are trying to work out a substitute, but options are limited. We are doing what we can. Some of us really miss that trail system.

Trees are still coming down along with unloading - watch out for heavy big blobs of snow falling from branches. Please pay attention. All of our groomers state wide have had their fill of downed trees this year.

Activities for the weekend:

Treats on the Trail this Saturday out of Hyak sponsored by Snoqualmie Nordic. Also scheduled is Jente Loppet course grooming, but due to permiting issues, that may not happen.

Meany Lodge has their Trek and Lunch. (every Saturday)


Sunday Jan. 31st - the casual annual fun Snoqualmie Loppet. ski from Hyak, to Cabin Creek via Summit at Snoqualmie trail system, John Wayne Pioneer Trail to Crystal Springs, into Erling Stordahl and then they head across the freeway and duck into Cabin Creek where they finish.

Sunday Jan. 31st - tenative date for the Jente Loppet. They have had challenges getting their permits in order. In order to groom the race course, there needs to be permission from 3 different agencies. Simple you think? Ha. And, this is organized by VOLUNTEERS!!!!

Because there are many thousands of new users to the Sno-Park system this season, this just a reminder to snowshoe to the outside edges of the groomed trails and tracks. Please leave the middle skate platform for skaters. Also, PLEASE DO NOT WALK ON GROOMING.

Lastly - dogs - where they are allowed (which is very limited) keep them on leash for everyones well being - mostly theirs.! The Sno-Parks are not off leash dog parks and with the shear volumne of recreationists out there this year means a bit of common courtesy goes a long ways. We all need to get along and showing respect for the protocol for the various areas will ensure enjoyment for all.

CCWRC has their montly meeting at the Newport Way Library on Tuesday Feb. 2nd at 6:30 PM


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