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midwinter melt

Been a dreary week weather wise. Winter is winter - full of a variety of weather, otherwise it wouldn't be winter. When it is warm, skiing can be good because it is soft with a lot of glide. The crowds are reduced and many opportunties exist for visiting the typically busier places.

There are a few places in the corridor that are notorious for "holding water" and all I can really tell you is the Crystal Dog Trail / Dog Power 100 trail out of Crystal Springs was washed out and I strongly suspect there could be some issues in Erling Stordahl. But, you just don't know until you get there. I do not know the status today. It is bound to change tomorrow anyway as the temperature drops and the water drains. News just said snow in the mountains - hope that means snow at Snoqualmie!

On tap for events is the Jente Loppet on Sunday out of Hyak! It is a fun race promoted for women and kids. A lot of work goes into putting on these races (any race) and it is great when you are supporting the racers and the volunteers. Get out there and have some fun!

See info here

PS - if it looks like good weather, get there early in order to secure parking.

Ski For Light returns next Saturday the 27th out of Erling Stordahl. I had a question recently that reminded me that there are probably a lot of you out there who have no idea what Ski For Light is. On the I-90 club page at the bottom is a link to the clubs website and short description of what the club is all about.

The annual winter WRAC meeting is this Saturday. This is the advisory group that reviews the programs and approves funding at the summer funding meeting. Winter is typically program updates. This year it is hosted by the Mount Tahoma Trails Association in Ashford at the Fire Hall. Open to all.



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