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is it spring?

My sources tell me it's been spectacular up in the mountains. I've missed out, but hopefully some of you got out.

This Saturday Ski for Light will be skiing in and near Erling Stordahl. Just a reminder that the set tracks will be side by side.


Next weekend, Saturday March 5th, more Ski For Light.

Sunday March 6th is the last of the 3 big races at Cabin Creek - Ozbaldy 50k

info here

And winter carnival at Meany Lodge all weekend.

Last weekend the Winter Recreation Advisory Committee (WRAC) met in Eatonville. This committee advises the Sno-Park program managers and sets the budget. The winter meeting is program review an the summer meeting is the funding. Our area (Kittitas County) has a vacancy. You need to reside in Kittitas, Yakima, Klickitat or Benton counties. The application is here.

This is a great volunteer opportunity.

Most of you know this, but maybe there are a few newbies out there. The Sno-Park program is managed as one program within State Parks, but the motorized is funded differently and separately from the non-motorized program. These programs are self funded, no tax dollars involved. The sale of the non-motorized permits fund our program.

Specifics here

Lastly, CCWRC will have their last monthly meeting for the season next Tuesday at the Newport Way Library (in Eastgate) at 6:30 PM. Agenda is potential funding applications.


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