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el nino is still here

Well, this warm tropical weather just continues. Luckily for us there is still snow and the snow level is dropping for this weekend. Maybe we will get a fresh layer.

The only event this weekend is "Dog Days of Winter" out of Crystal Springs. Most likely we will congregate at the front of the lot by the skier exit. This event is a casual social event and everyone is welcome to stop by and visit. There will be some skijorers participating as usual, so this is the time to check out gear if you are interested in giving it a go.

As for updates, Lake Easton State Park's snow is basically gone and a Sno-Park permit is not needed anymore.

The Crystal Dog Trail exiting out the back of Crystal Springs is in bad shape. There are a couple of puddles. I think they are still grooming it, but you may have to pick your way around the puddles.

The sled dog trails will be groomed and hopefully most of Erling Stordahl. That area is also suffering from some wet spots.

Cabin Creek and Hyak / John Wayne Pioneer Trail should be fine for rest of the month.

For those of you who like to head up Mt Margaret (snowshoe or ski tour), the bridge that washed out last fall is in process of repair. Please stay away until the construction is complete.

See you on the trail!



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