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Happy Holidays!

Winter is officially here and now the days will start to lengthen. The holiday season arrived and there is some snow in the mountains. wheeee

And for news. There is a rockslide on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail reducing the length groomed on the way to Frozen Toe Point out of Lake Easton State Park. The bulk of the trail system is fine.

Grooming is on schedule and can change due to conditions. Grooming is limited in Erling Stordahl due to that area needing more snow to provide good coverage. Last weekend I skied Forest Loop and it was wonderful and empty. Hey, can you folks pick out some of the sticks and tree debris out of the trails? Our season will last longer..

There will not be grooming on Christmas day, but I think those areas scheduled for Monday grooming will be. Not positive though. I checked on Salmon La Sac and USFS rep did not know if they would be out. The sled dog trail system will see portions groomed each day midweek next week. LESP is scheduled to groom the JWPT from Stampede Pass to Easton Reload on Mondays. Remember, snowmobiles are allowed on that segment, but it tends to be quiet.

Expect crowds and newbies who are unfamiliar with the ski areas, the Sno-Park program, and what you can do where. Please be patient, after all, we were all new Sno-Park users up at the Pass at some point. Last year is still fresh in my mind and we can only hope that there is not repeat.

Maybe it is time to venture out to Lake Wenatchee State Park for a ski? Nason Ridge is closed for a few more weeks due to logging, but everything else is groomed. Beautiful area.

You can always check out the Facebook page for current trip reports and various updates.

The event calendar will be "assembled" this week.


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