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happy new year 2017

Happy New Year!!! Wishing all of you good health, smiles, cold temperatures and snow.

Ring in the New Year with fun in the snow! This might be a good time to try a Sno-Park farther out, or explore a new one. Especially avoid Hyak if you want to skate ski. Try Salmon La Sac, or Lake Easton, or Summit at Snoqualmie Nordic Center. Please go prepared. Give some thought to plan B or even plan C with potentially a variety of skis (that is so pathetic) and plenty of gas in the car. Please be patient as the facilities available up on the pass cannot accommodate all residents of Puget Sound.

There is not much to report other than my sources and all of you on the Facebook site, comment on excellent conditions and crazy busy crowds. This seems to be the new normal with all of the new people moving into the Pacific Northwest who want to go outside and play like the rest of us.

I do know there have been some grooming machine issues, but hopefully those are all resolved and in the meantime, with this new fluffy snow, it is fun to go blaze your own trail and explore "off piste". Remember to implement those safety suggestions we all know about. I broke my ankle once back country skiing, gives me credence to say "it can happen to me - or you".

The grooming report link for Salmon La Sac now has a link with the twitter feed that they use. Thanks Chris. You can find it on the "Current Conditions" tab or "Grooming Report" And of course a link to Kongsbergers site where LandTec posts their reports.

Thank you to all of you who donated towards the costs of keeping this website going. The goal was reached and this website will remain this season and next.

I am compiling the activity calendar, it is not updated yet, but after the New Years, our winter lessons, events and races start up.

Snoqualmie Nordic sponsors a skate clinic:

Saturday, Jan. 7 (Skate 101)

see link here:

feel free to explore club links found here:


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