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new equipment!

New equipment! It is finally HERE! Boone is at the controls and is happy to have the new cat. These are sophisticated pieces of equipment, very expensive, require a fair bit of skill to operate, and expensive to fix. The sale of the Sno-Park permits fund these purchases. Lake Easton State Park went to bat for all of us trail users and persevered through a number of denials before it was approved last summer. The old cat will remain in service, but for now it is getting some major attention. I heard the words "crack repair"and "welding" and I do know the older cat had a lot of metal fatigue, so it will get some timely attention while this shiny new work horse is put in service.

On the event schedule this week is the Meany Lodge Patrol Race. On Facebook:


as usual, the Trek and Lunch:

Snoqualmie Nordic has their 2nd "Treats on the Trail" this Sunday out of Hyak Sno-park

In a week, the last big race of the season out of Cabin Creek - the Ozbaldy on Sunday

and Saturday is Ski For Light at Erling Stordahl.

And NEXT THURSDAY, is the first skijor clinic offered in the corridor. It is a dryland start with discussions on where to go, training your dog, etiquette, gear and where to get it, and most importantly staying safe. It will be at the Newport Way Library at 7 PM. FREE.

Our clinic leader, Mary, is a long time musher and skijorer and very experienced. (not me!)

Sign up at

One last tidbit. Snow removal funds are depleted. The program already reallocated a big chunk out of "Major Repairs" - the fund that pays for when those expensive grooming machines break and now those supplemental funds are spent. When there is no money left, there is no money left. The program managers and the WRAC committee are looking at where there may be some leftover funds - cutting sanitation, another undesiarable dip into Equipment Reserve or closing low elevation Sno-Parks, that sort of thing. Since there are no storms brewing in the near future, we are in good shape for the moment.


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