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yet again another storm!

The mushers have been absent from weekends at Crystal Springs this year due to an attractive race schedule all over the northwest. You will see them out there on weekdays. Photo, compliments of Michael Wenger taken of Michael Johnston and his team. Michael Johnston is Sno-Park volunteer and the energy behind the sled dog trail system.

I saw the word "orographic" in the weather report. So it seems we are in for another round of snow. We all love snow right? Please drive carefully so those of us that are headed up for pie at Hyak, or headed to Cabin Creek for the race, or skiing at Erling with Ski For Light can get there.


Erling Stordahl - Ski for Light - tracks set side by side

Hyak - pie at Hyak! Sponsored by Snoqualmie Nordic


Cabin Creek - last race of the season - the Ozbaldy.

Next weekend (March 11,12th) is the Meany Lodge Winter Carnival

Check the Patrol Race Facebook page for photos from the recent Patrol Race.

As for Sno-Park news, the program found some funds, but after those emergency funds are depleted, that will be the end of plowing. The lots will be plowed this weekend except Easton Reload. The size of Crystal Springs will be less.

Also, Thursday grooming at Cabin Creek is over for the season. Sled dog trails will probably be groomed on Saturday, not sure what time, but they will try to wait for the storm to end and also take care of a needed cat repair.


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