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More snow!

It snowed about 2' on the east side of the pass this week! When traveling to and from Sno-Parks, keep in mind that they are not interstate highways, or county roads that have a lot of attention and manpower. If you overnight in a Sno-Park, you may want to have a really big shovel if the access isn't plowed and it snowed 2' while you were gone.

So, yes, the program is short on snow removal funds but managed to squeak out a small amount to keep the main lot at Cabin Creek open until Sunday March 19th at least. The lower lot which accesses the South Loop will not be plowed. The snowmobile program is funding snow removal at Crystal Springs and I am not positive, but am pretty sure the far back skier lot will not be cleared. That does NOT mean skiers can't park in Crystal Springs. Hopefully the snowmobilers will leave us some room at the back.

Also, the Crystal Springs access road is narrow.

Rest of the areas should be OK - Hyak, Gold Creek, Lake Easton State Park, Blewett and Salmon La Sac. All areas are plowed by different contractors and the program does not take money from one contract to give to another.

As for grooming, there will need to be a fair bit of packing and multiple passes over the trails. I suspect the crew will have to clear out avalanche debris off the John Wayne Pioneer Trail and that could take awhile. The dog sled trails only see grooming once a week and there are about 12 miles of trails, so don't expect pristine flat smooth trail out there. Cabin Creek, Erling Stordahl and Lake Easton State Park should be normal.

Don't forget that Thursday grooming at Cabin Creek is done for the season.

Our season is winding down, but it seems to have just started! It's been the best winter for skiing in a very long time with consistent cold.

Meany Lodge is having their winter carnival this weekend.

Ski for Light closes out our winter of activities Saturday March 18th at Erling Stordahl.

Check our Facebook page for last minute grooming or status updates.


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