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end of season is near

What a winter, so much fun! I missed out on the sun and spring skiing last weekend, so no current photo, but I've dug into the archives to post a favorite. Ski for Light skiers out on the beautiful trails in Erling Stordahl.

Our winter weather was the best we've seen in years with consistent cold. I-90 was closed a lot with countless spin outs. Those that plow snow moved huge amounts. Those that groomed snow, had plenty to work with. Those of us who like playing in the snow did not suffer.

This is the last weekend of full grooming. The program budgets for grooming until the end of March. Most Sno-Parks will still be usable, but sani-cans may be pulled and there won't be grooming. Next week is still scheduled for the usual for those of you who can still get up there midweek. Since March 31st is a Friday, there should be something skiable on the 1st of April - Saturday.

Here are some weather stats:

Many thanks for all the volunteers that organize events, help maintain trails, those that pack out other peoples garbage and the multitude of behind the scenes help. The Sno-Park program is heavily dependent on its volunteers and would not be as robust as it is without them. We all appreciate your efforts.

Also, kudos to our dedicated contractors out there in the storms cutting trees, plowing, fixing stuff, and grooming for our playtime. You guys are fantastic!

Lastly, Lake Easton State Park staff along with the USFS - Cle Elum District are out there every weekend dealing with us. They are pros and have had to have gone home completely wiped out on some weekends. We are glad you are there. Thank you to all.

Mark your calendar - Saturday May 20th is Sno-Park clean up day.

See you next winter!


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