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welcome back!

Welcome to the 2017/ 2018 season!

Are we all ready?

Contracts are in place, decent coverage above about 3600' or so, and all the contractors are ready. So, until there is enough snow to get on the full schedule, just plan on what you get is what you get.

Groomers typically "track pack" the trails first, filling in low spots under trees, smoothing out drifts etc. Working on an excellent base that will hold up through the season.

Some trails can be groomed much earlier than others. Cabin Creek is one of those areas, but they are east of the summit, so typically get a bit less snow on the lower trails than say at Hyak. The groomer operator already started grooming up higher on Amabilis. Head on up!

As for the John Wayne Pioneer Trail - Lake Easton State Park staff did a tiny bit of grooming out of Hyak. Since it is cold, they wanted to pack the snow to try and get a base built. They probably won't be back out there until it snows.

Erling Stordahl has really rough trails so they need close to 3 feet to really get going.

We have some improvements this year!

First up, some grooming improvements. The John Wayne Pioneer Trail will see grooming every day except Tuesday! The budget is such that at the end of the season, they may have to cut back some, but we won't worry about that right now.

Also, the dog sled trails will get a midweek pass. The trail system was cut back for manageability and to allow for twice a week grooming. Schedule is for Wed. and Fridays.

Last - we should see twice a week grooming on that quiet little trail called the "South Loop" out of the lower Cabin Creek Sno-Park! This area is perfect for families, and beginner skiers.

The Sno-Park program is looking for a non-motorized rep on the Snowmobile Advisory Committee. Terms are for 3 years and the committee advises and approves the budget. If you are interested, see link here.

see you out there!


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