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wild wacky winter weather - wwww


I have two photos this week! The bottom photo is one of those "don't do this" examples. I much prefer the top photo of Tephra out enjoying a skijor with her mom, Julie. Tiger and Cheetah are in the background. Tiger and Cheetah are regulars pulling Bruce all over the place. You do not need to have your dog run at top speed in order to have fun skijoring with your dog. Put them in harness, teach them a few commands and you will have a ski partner for life. Well, theirs anyway. On that note, there will be a skijor clinic sometime soon.

If you ski with your dog out of Crystal Spring, remember, no free ranging dogs allowed, nor skiing in Erling Stordahl with your canine companion. Please pick up and and pack out your dogs poo. We do not want to lose privileges.

We have a wild weather system happening right now. Please go prepared as you head up. Take tire chains, drive conservatively with your "defensible space" and take plenty of clothing. And for those that skate, you may want to add to your quiver those classic skis just in case.

News - the dog sled trails out of Crystal Springs are NOT groomed now as the grooming machine already broke down. Please be patient as this is a volunteer groomer operator working on a very technical aging machine with volunteer mechanics. We have no idea at this point what will get fixed and by when. boo hoo. So bummed as that system has great terrain and it is fun.

Erling Stordahl is still full of obstacles, but there is a little bit groomed. Cabin should be just fine and the John Wayne Pioneer Trail / Iron Horse will be on schedule every day (except Jan. 1st) until Jan. 9th.

Tomorrow - Friday, the Iron Horse will be groomed all the way from Hyak to Easton Reload! Not much snow east, but probably enough to be OK.

Lake Easton State Park had about 6" as of this morning, now they are up to about 10-12" but we'll see what ends up after the warm front passes. So no grooming there yet, but plenty of snow play opportunities exist.

Hyak sled hill is still closed but will be evaluated on Sunday. The sled hill has a seep coming out of the middle most of the time, and the sled hill ends at a road. Once there is enough snow to build up a berm by the road, then the hill can open.

Please purchase your Sno-Park permit BEFORE you head up. Purchase online and print out your temporary permit to place on your dash. Link on home page top left that takes your straight to the State Park purchase site. Easy peasy. No excuse.

OK, now for the "don'ts". Do NOT sled right next to the freeway. Bad idea. Do not walk around by the creek (Gold Creek) under the freeway. Our tax dollars are paying for revegetation and it needs a few years to become established. Do NOT park in the Gold Creek interchange - another bad idea as tickets can be written at any time. The Gold Creek road IS the Sno-Park. You need a permit to park there.

Last, don't forget to sign up for the race at Cabin Creek - event info here


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