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Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year everyone!

Our season is in full swing even if the snow is low at pass level and a bit challenging for off trail adventures. Just about everywhere (Sno-Parks) are groomed now (I think), but the further east you go, the less snow there is.

Holiday week was quite busy up there as shown by all the illegally parked cars at Gold Creek. I saw very few Sno-Park permits displayed. Folks, you need a permit to park within Gold Creek, which IS the Gold Creek road (not the freeway interchange shown in photo). The sale of the permits funds the plowing, sani cans and trail grooming. This is not a free service. I've been playing on the pass long enough to remember an empty Gold Creek Sno-Park on weekends. My how times change.

From the news desk; up on Blewett Pass / US 97, the Swauk Campground and Pipe Creek Sno-Parks are closed until some hazard trees are removed. At the entrance to Swauk Campground Sno-Park there is room for 2- 4 cars to park outside of the gate. It is OK to park there until the Sno-Park opens back up.

Hyak sled hill is finally open. When sledding there, please follow the suggestions and signs posted. Heavily congested area.

Out of Crystal Springs, the dog sled trails are groomed! The machine is still broken and it will be a few weeks until it is fixed, so in the interim, a substitute groomer is on board. Thank you program management for the work around. So, go ski them! If you want to take your dog, it MUST be on a leash or a skijor line the entire time, which means from when you let it out of the car until you put your pooch back in the car.

Lake Easton State Park is now groomed. Low snow is reported. That is a great trail system and has a nice view of the river. Fat bikes are allowed here.

The first big event of the season is at Cabin Creek with the Gunnar Hagen on Sunday. Cabin Creek will be VERY busy and this will be a good weekend to ski elsewhere. Or, go participate!

Registration closes Saturday, see link here.

Erling Stordahl will have Ski For Light skiers for their ski day on Saturday Jan. 6th. The trail system is groomed with set track side by side. Erling is a trail system that typically needs 3' of snow for good coverage and currently it is a bit rough in places.

Meany Lodge sponsors "Trek and Lunch" every Saturday. Snowshoe or ski up to Meany Lodge and have lunch. See their info here

Don't forget the event document which lists clinics, races and various events found here

One last note. Our Facebook page is close to 1000 members now. Facebook is Facebook, sometimes the most current news item gets buried and old news is at top of feed. Pay attention when reading posts for dates and time. Thank you to all who post who make this a great site for trail conditions and trip reports. We admins do our best to keep it on topic, accurate, upbeat and fun. Thank you.


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