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hum, was it spring this week?

Well, not much is happening weather wise since it's been entirely too warm. I felt a welcome winter coolness in the air tonight while out walking and snow level is dropping.

In the meantime, grooming is on schedule and it is probably pretty quiet and very nice. The photo was taken last Saturday afternoon on "Low Route" out on the dog sled trail system after it was groomed post big dump of wet of snow. In order to enjoy this grooming, get there early on Saturday. In addition, grooming is scheduled for Tuesday late night or Wednesday mornings. This is a system that you can be out on for hours, skiing in loops out in the open or in a few sections of beautiful forest. Keep in mind, it is not a beginner area since it is not groomed with set tracks, its hilly, and is a voluntary non-motorized area. You will ski, bike, snowshoe or get pulled by your dog(s) about 1.75 miles just to get to the closest jump off starting from the Crystal Dog Trail (DP-100) parking lot. Access trails via the 420 road or the John Wayne Pioneer Trail.

No news this week, so on to events:

Saturday Jan. 20th Crystal Springs: Meany Lodge Trek and Lunch

Sunday Jan. 21st Hyak: Snoqualmie Nordic - Treats on the Trail, 10:30 - 1:30PM

Saturday Jan. 27th Crystal Springs: Meany Lodge Trek Lunch

Sunday Jan. 28th Hyak: Snoqualmie Nordic - Jente Loppet Race

Where: Hyak Sno Park, about 1 km from the parking lot out on the Iron Horse Trail. What: Treats on the Trails. This is SNC's eleventh year (!) of holding this very popular and social event. It's great for families and is based on the Scandinavian tradition of skiing to a destination for warm drinks, sweet treats and socializing with fellow skiers. A station with warm drinks and sweets is set up along the Iron Horse Trail. This is a great opportunity for kids to play and adults to take a break before or after a longer ski.

Snowshoe from Crystal Springs Sno-Park to Meany Lodge for a hot lunch at the lodge on Saturdays this winter. Routes vary, typically 7+ miles round-trip and 550 feet elevation gain.

If you are curious about the Jente Loppet Race, look up information here.

Snoqualmie Nordic Club sponsors an annual ski race for women and kids! Held at the Hyak Sno-Park.


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