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Your blogger spent the last 5 days up in the Methow and is tired. That is good right? So I do not have a photo from the corridor this week, but can you guess where this photo is taken? Probably not because I suspect many of you overlook Loup Loup Pass while making annual treks to ski the Methow. Above photo is taken up at South Summit Sno-Park on Loup Loup Pass. Your Sno-Park permit is valid here.

Ok, now for my educational moment (or as Bill Nye the Science Guy on "Bill Saves the World" goes "Bill needs a minute" - or something like that) - this photo demonstrates where to walk on groomed trails if you must walk on a groomed trail. Walk as far to the side as possible. This applies to snowshoers as well. The middle section is referred to as the skating platform. As you can see, set tracks are off to the far side, please stay off those. * disclaimer at end.

For the newbies out there, grooming is historically for skiers. It has only just been in the past few years that we've seen significant snowshoe use on the trails and conflicts are boiling up. Anybody who purchases a Sno-Park permit is entitled to use of the trails and the Sno-Park program provides a basic service. Washington States Sno-Park program is one of the best in the nation! But, maintaining these trails is a lot of off season work, expensive to groom and easily ruined by thoughtlessness. Share the Trail!

Please, within Erling Stordahl, no snowshoeing, walking or dogs on the groomed trails period.

Below is a link for some educational videos that are quite valid for our trails (just replace strollers with snowshoers etc.) Check them out as they are well done.


As of tonight (Thursday), everything is a go and on schedule for this weekend. The new Lake Easton State Park grooming machine got some new communication equipment and the old cat got a new hydraulic hose, so those are back in business. LandTec is busy working really hard and all is on schedule.

Lake Easton State Park Sno-Park is getting low on snow due to the warm overnight temperatures. There is a good chance they may have to shut down grooming in a week if it doesn't cool off. All is on schedule this weekend.

The Twitter grooming report for Salmon La Sac is back in business. See grooming reports here


Saturday Feb. 3rd

Erling Stordahl: Sons of Norway ski race (small fun race). 11 AM

Hyak: Special Olympics Expect limited parking and crowds. First 1/4 mile of the trail to the east from Hyak will be rerouted around the event

Sunday Feb. 4th

Cabin Creek: Kongsberger Ski Club race - Stampede 15k and 5k and KSC kids races. As usual, this will be a full and busy Sno-Park.

Stay dry! No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.

* Photo taken on a short section of shared use groomed trail. There are dedicated trails for dogs on this trail system. Please take your dog only to those dedicated trails and pack out your dogs poop.


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