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An uneventful wet warm week it seems. We had a few meltdowns in places, but once the water recedes, the groomer operators can plow snow back onto the trail and most of us wouldn't have a clue that it washed out. With weather like this, they do not necessarily groom on schedule due to too much water on and flowing through the trails.

Lake Easton State Park suspended grooming unless it snows a bunch. Without freezing overnight, the snow goes fast.

This weeks photo was taken in Erling Stordahl. While the yellow dots are ugly, it does make the snowshoe route easy to see. The I-90 corridor does not have a unified trail marker system for snowshoeing. This is mostly due to no one taking this issue on and fixing it. The universal non-motorized trail marker is a blue diamond and the motorized is orange. You will see these all over.

Erling Stordahl (accessed out of Crystal Springs) is a trail system that is used by Ski for Light as their home base. Because of the use by them, this small area groomed trail system is closed to snowshoeing, walking and dogs.

The snowshoe routes winding through the area are well marked. You can join up with the Meany Lodge Trek and Lunch Saturday events to learn the snowshoe routes up to Meany and meet some nice folks while snowshoeing. They have one scheduled Saturday, although it appears this is a ski week for Meany Trek and Lunch.


Sat. Feb 10th Crystal Springs: Meany Lodge Trek and Lunch -----

Saturday Feb. 17th Erling Stordahl: Ski For Light


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