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The big thaw was halted and we got a nice refresh of the white stuff. Some of the big thaw issues are still there, but the groomer operators work with finesse to clean up the washouts. Erling Stordahl really suffers from our monsoons which is too bad since it is such a great little spot. We need a lot of off season trail work completed, but we are very limited in what we can do. All we need is volunteers, money, equipment, and approval among a few other tidbits.

Above photo taken on Challenge Loop.

Below is a photo looking towards Troll Bridge of a washout which closes out this short section of trail - for now anyway. This section also melts out quickly when the sun comes out.

Even though there is this one washout, rest of the system is in GREAT shape right now.

Storms are in the forecast, so we should be getting a much better refresh and everything will change. Good.

Other news:

Lake Easton State Park - still low to no snow.

Easton Reload - grooming suspended east of Whittiar tunnel due to lack of snow.

Salmon La Sac had a big sno cat go through and set the platform Wednesday. No set track at the moment, but in great shape. Normally they groom with a "grooming snowmobile" pulling a ginzu groomer which does a really great job, but a few times a year the big cat comes in and helps out when there is a big snowfall or the snow gets really heavy.


Saturday Feb. 17th Erling Stordahl: Ski For Light - (double set tracks side by side)

Within Erling Stordahl, please, no snowshoeing except for the off groomed marked routes and NO DOGS!

Crystal Springs: Meany Lodge Trek and Lunch ( I think ski this time)

Crystal Springs: Snowshoe Trek sponsored by State Parks, noon

contact Laura at 509-925-1943

Sunday Feb 18th --- nothing

Saturday Feb. 24th Erling Stordahl: Ski For Light

Crystal Springs: Meany Lodge Trek and Lunch, AND The Patrol Race

Crystal Springs: Snowshoe Trek sponsored by State Parks, noon

contact Laura at 509-925-1943

Snowshoe schedules with USFS:

Snoqualmie Pass and Swauk Campground

these are very popular and they have quite a selection to choose from


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