We had a refresh, even though it rained in the middle of the event, but now we have COLD and BLUE sky! That's something to be happy about. I now regret not taking today off from work to soak in the great conditions.

Photo is taken from Summit East looking up Gold Creek Valley towards Chikamin Peak. I-90 bisecting. Gold Creek is a extremely popular snowshoe destination.

Not too much news other than Lake Easton State Park is still too slim on snow to groom and the John Wayne Pioneer Trail from Easton Reload to Whittiar Tunnel is also not groomed due to low snow. They are still grooming from the tunnel all the way to Hyak and there is plenty of snow on this section. Ha, almost tunnel to tunnel!

The South Loop will see grooming intermittently as the groomer operator has to truck in the cat and that gets expensive. It's been popular, so we will hope he can get out there a few more times. A few spots in Erling Stordahl are a bit narrower and uneven, but don't let that stop you from skiing there. Ski For Light is scheduled to ski at Erling Stordahl this Saturday and my reminder - side by side set tracks. Good time to ski with a friend.


Saturday Feb. 24th

Erling Stordahl: Ski For Light

Meany Lodge Trek and Lunch, AND The Patrol Race

Ongoing: USFS snowshoe led tours


Saturday March 3rd

Crystal Springs: Meany Lodge Trek and Lunch

Sunday March 4th

Cabin Creek: Kongsberger Ski Club race - Ozbaldy 50k Freestyle

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