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what a great week of winter!

Wasn't me, wasn't you, but it was someone. Please do not be that someone. Our groomers enjoy creating a great trail and this does not help. Lets all pitch in and PACK IT OUT of our beautiful mountain environment keeping our water clean and free of plastic and bad bacteria.

Outside of above inconsiderateness, we certainly had some snippets of gorgeous colder powdery weather last week. I know there was a lot of awesomeness out there. It appeared that it was super busy up there last weekend and I missed out. Thank you to those who posted your trip reports on our Facebook page. I loved seeing all the kids skiing at Cabin Creek.

Even though we are minutes via car to millions of people, we can still be quite remote in some areas of our systems and it is a really good idea to think about what you carry with you while skiing. Accidents happen, so at least carry an extra layer and water. The Dog Sled trails are "remote" as in it sometimes can be awhile before someone, anyone passes by out on Dave's Trail or Low Route, in addition to having sketchy cell service. On Erling Stordahl, Challenger Loop tends to be quiet. On Cabin Creek, Amabilis has fewer and fewer folks the higher you go.

Hum, is there such thing as solitude at Gold Creek anymore? Certainly a very long haul out if you have an injury up high on Kendall Peaks Lakes road.

I am putting out this gentle reminder for you all to think about this. Many years ago I broke my ankle out moonlight skiing in the backcountry (pre cell phone era and about 9 PM and most folks were home in bed). When I hurt myself, the thought that I might hurt myself NEVER entered my mind. I skied out on one leg, but had plenty of clothing and did not have other issues. It was memorable.

Lake Easton State Parks crew reports everything is on schedule and in good shape. Same from the LandTec crew for Cabin Creek, Erling and the Dog Sled trails. USFS is back on schedule (or so I was told) for Salmon La Sac. Washouts drained, it cooled off and then snowed, so those are all repaired. In a nutshell, we are lucky it snowed and got cold.


Saturday March 10th

Erling Stordahl: Ski For Light

Crystal Springs: Meany Lodge Spring Carnival

Sunday March 11th Crystal Springs:

Meany Lodge Spring Carnival


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