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thank you to staff!

Thank you winter rec staff!

As the Sno-Park program grows, we do see improvements and one of these is having more State Parks and USFS staff out every weekend, keeping order, checking for permits, answering a whole bunch of questions and providing assistance when needed. Photo is of Chris Patterson who happily works the winter gig. You probably saw her at Hyak for the past few years and this season she was spotted at Crystal Springs.

USFS works the very busy Visitors Center up by Summit West. USFS Snow Rangers are out patrolling all the USFS Sno-Parks and sometimes they get out on the trails (I am sure they wish they could do that part every day). We are very glad you are here. As the program grows, so has the staffing level and we like having you out and about.

A number of program improvements through the years tend to blend in as "the way its always been", but really haven't been. We now have sled dog trails thanks to a huge effort by volunteers. More grooming on Amabilis and the John Wayne Pioneer Trail. Within the Crystal Springs Sno-Park there is non-motorized dedicated parking and a skier exit separate from the snowmobile exit in addition to separated use on the Stampede Pass road headed towards Meany Lodge. Cle Elum Ranger District received a new grooming snowmobile for Salmon La Sac and last year a new grooming machine for Lake Easton State Park staff. Trails at Cabin Creek have had many many years of volunteer efforts off season to make that system easier to groom on lower snow levels and last longer. There are many improvements that add up to fun for us.

Now for news - 2 more weekends!

For this weekend, there are starting to be some small thin spots in places on all systems except the John Wayne Pioneer Trail. The groomer operators blade in snow where they can, but watch out for debris such as pine cones and little rocks. I bet with this lowering snow level, we may get a bit of a refresh. Hope so anyway. We are lucky the snow pack is still really decent in the exit 62 / 63 area for this time of year, so don't let a few minor thin spots deter you.

Grooming will continue everywhere as usual except on the Iron Horse (JWPT) where Thursday will be an "off" day this week.

For your planning purposes, Crystal Springs will remain open Sunday April 1st. Gates lock on Monday April 2nd. LandTec will groom Cabin creek and Erling Stordahl late Saturday night for Sunday. On Saturday afternoon (March 31st) the sled hill will be decommissioned.

Saturday March 31st at 2 PM, CCWRC will have a season wrap up meeting at the Snoqualmie Pass Fire Station. We will review the season and plan some volunteer efforts for next season. All are welcome.


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