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end of season

Well, we are calling it a wrap for groomed nordic this season. I wanted to close with a sunny photo, but alas, here is one for "snow depth" from last weekend.

It was a slow start to the season, but weather kicked in and we ended with an excellent snow pack.

In fact, it is really close to last year!

WSDOT says 398" to date, where last year was 404".

Climatology is not in for the end of March yet, but as of March 15th:


current snow depth =93"

climate average = 91"

% of normal is 102%

and last year was 91" on the ground

I do not have any temperatures but, it was most certainly warmer this season than last with what seemed to be a snow level that hugged 3500' or so for much of December and Janurary. Deep deep snow up at 4000'.

Remember - sled hill at Hyak will be decommissioned on Saturday afternoon. Contracts for grooming end at midnight on Saturday March 31st.

Crystal Springs will remain open on Sunday April 1st, but gates are locked on Monday and the Sno-Park becomes a staging area for WSDOT and their work on I-90 construction.

Groomer operator artists did a great job this season and we love your handiwork! Thanks guys! It would not be nearly as fun for us without your handiwork.

Take the survey - it is unscientific, totally anonymous, and used for volunteer efforts.

Sno-Park clean up day is Saturday May 19th. see Facebook for details later.

See you next season!

Closing with a sunny repeat photo from Summit at Snoqualmie a few weeks ago. One of my favorites this season.


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