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great conditions!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

While I only got to ski a bit last Sunday, in all that wonderful new snow, I am hearing plenty of positive report from afield. I thought the trees in Erling Stordahl made great Christmas trees - but just as they are.

The contractors, volunteers and State Park staff are still ramping up, but we are nearly there. Everyone is still catching up on last minute signage and brush removal in a few places, but there are still a few nuances to figure out. At Crystal Springs, there are still a few lost folks, not knowing who goes where on what trail, but it will take all of us to get everyone on track. Be patient.

*Hyak Sled Hill is finally open, and I bet the line is long.

*Lake Easton State Park is still NOT yet groomed, but there is snow to play in.

*Cabin Creek is popular and in great shape. Parking lot today.

If you want a really nice family spot that is quiet, easy parking and scenic, try:

*Erling Stordahl. It is all groomed, but Rollercoaster is narrow and thin. Rollercoaster is a road that will never see maintenance due to, well, that is another blog topic later this season. This road is heavily used in off season growing large mud holes its entire length resulting in poor drainage due to that lack of maintenance. Hence slow to hold on to snow. The 54 road should get its divider signs out tonight. We hope. Those signs are really really heavy. LandTec crew takes on that job for us. THANK YOU!!

*Sled dog Trails out of Crystal were groomed this afternoon in its entirety. Barring any vandalism, they should be in great shape tomorrow! Please, keep all dogs on lead or in harness.

*Easton Reload was groomed last Monday, and is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. this section of trail is funded by the motorized program, but it is OK for non-motorized use. Starting from Easton Reload riding your fat bike to the west would be a fun quiet ride - heading on up to Crystal. Check out the Easton Reload Sno-Park page.

*Salmon La Sac - sigh. yet again another stupid federal government shutdown. You can still go play in the snow at Salmon La Sac, or backcountry ski tour up the voluntary non-motorized areas. It is generally less crazy there.

The grooming and event schedules are updated and found on the home page. I rearranged the weather and grooming info to one page.

Maps are now in map boxes at Crystal Springs.

OK, that's the news.

now, January is almost here and our events kick in. First up:

Saturday Jan. 5th is Ski For Light at Erling Stordahl.

Sunday Jan. 6th is a skijoring clinic!!! Its free and limited to 10. Email to sign up. It is a class to get you and your dog going safely. You do not need to have bubble wrap for your body, nor do you need goggles. Our goal is to not race, but to stay in control, upright and for both you and your dog to have fun.

USFS will begin their snowshoe walks if they ever go back to work. I do not know the schedule yet.

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