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cold and snow, I will take it

This post is a day early as I won't be able to do it tomorrow.

There is a fair bit of news for this week. As usual, your winter rec staff is working hard for us. The photo above is in Erling Stordahl. Last Saturday night some yahoos, a bunch of them, drove all over the trail system. It took LandTec hours and hours to repair the damage. These sort of events are budget busters, along with lots of fallen trees (remember a few years ago?) and the power guys heading out when they take certain pieces of equipment to repair power issues. This is a reminder that stuff happens.

All of us who've skied up here for years know this is an annoying unnecessary regular occurrence.

Grooming has its challenges up there this season- i.e. lots and lots of use on top of a very low snow pack and current concrete. No snow to stockpile or blade out to smooth in low spots. That said, it is time for some midweek schedule adjustments. Erling will see attention for the weekends and most likely Wednesdays, but they will adjust for the weather. Hyak to Crystal will see some reduction, probably most Wednesdays will see some work, but Thursdays only as staff has time. Cabin Creek is mostly the same, but may adjust for weather.

Other grooming news: Salmon La Sac is back on schedule and he should be out there tomorrow and:

2/6/19 – Iron Cr – Groomed and set track just below the Iron/Bear Trailhead; 2-4” of new since last groomed; sunny w/ temps 8 – 20 degrees

2/6/19 – Hovey Cr – Groomed and set track for first time today, it set up well; sunny w/ temps 8 – 20 degrees

races and races this weekend! A race event for any age and ability.

SIGN UP NOW! don't delay.

Cabin Creek - the Stampede on Saturday -

and Hyak for the Jente Loppet on Sunday

And as usual for Saturdays, Trek and Lunch up to Meany Lodge. sign up here:

oh - never mind, it is full already.



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