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Where was everyone last Sunday afternoon? It was fantastic out on the snow! It really doesn't get much better than what its been now that the snow has time to settle, the weather is staying cold and the skate platform has set up some. A report from Silver Fir (Summit Central) today was super nice dry snow! And cold.

This weekend is the last big event of the season at Cabin Creek. Sunday morning.

The Ozbaldy 50k is western Washington's only cross country ski marathon at a distance of 50k. The racers are on the course for 2-4 hours. Cabin Creek will be very busy.

sign up NOW, don't delay!

As you can see by the photo above, there are other options for places to ski! We have the same great groomer over at Erling Stordahl and there is finally enough snow to have great trails.

USFS is on schedule with Salmon La Sac and Iron/Hovey Creeks grooming this week.

Remember that the P2C is only on schedule now Friday's through Monday's. Lake Easton State Park should be groomed for this weekend, but give their hotline a try as they don't send out many reports. 509-656-2230

Now, I can imagine there are a whole lot of you that would like shorter lines to get into Hyak right? Here is what you can do to speed this up. Call your state representative and ask them to support Substitute House Bill 1953.

The scoop:

Currently, visitors to Sno-Parks located on either Washington State Park or DNR land are required to display both a single day Sno-Park permit and a Discover Pass, unless they have purchased a seasonal Sno-Park (sticker) pass good from November 1 through March 31.

This situation creates confusion and frustration, particularly among new Sno-Park users. It also makes it more difficult for folks to comply with permit requirements, potentially reducing Sno-Park compliance, and revenue from permit sales. A bill has been introduced in the house that would remedy this situation, and fulfill the legislature’s 2016 directive for State Parks to simplify its recreation access pass system.

The bill is one page and take 15 seconds to read.

As of February 27, the bill has passed out of its house committee and should be scheduled for a floor vote soon. To indicate your support for this bill, and to track its progress, you can click on the following link, then on the “comment on this bill” button. Alternatively, call the legislative hotline and leave a message for your elected representatives at 1-800-562-6000. You will need to give your name and street address in order to leave a message for your representatives on the hotline.

It is so simple of a bill. After all these years of utter confusion, This will reduce one piece.

Please contact them today!

In closing, we are on our last step for the NOVA grant process for the Cabin Creek / Crystal Springs EA application - the presentation is Friday morning, March 1st.


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