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8 degrees and raining

Dec. 29, 2022

8 degrees and hours and hours of freezing rain

Wow, what a week of weather – all over! Extended pass closures, roads becoming skating rinks to very cold temperatures to rain to wind and snow. Not in that order and sometimes all at once. I was told there were lakes on top of the snow.

With such weather, as many of you are aware come a myriad of working challenges. Warming up engine fluids for example. Some of you may have experienced early “Van Life” with an old VW and the challenges of keeping those going in the winter? Scraping windows on the inside….. I digress. Anyway, when its that cold out, there are necessary considerations to deal with which are not normal. It takes time. This kind of cold can really sap your get up and go when it is time to leave that warm house.

Lots are plowed, but may be slick.

OK, we have grooming to keep winter ski-able most of the time when curve balls are thrown. Grooming should be decent and to get to this point, it had to have been quite an effort. Remember that the P2C and some areas on the snowmobile trails in our area, do cross avalanche paths, these do not see grooming until they have slid.

Lake Easton State Park is groomed. Whoo hoo

Salmon La Sac is on schedule - out there today - Friday.

Moving on to schedules. All of I-90 will be groomed this holiday weekend.

Events are coming! Mark your calendar.

Saturday Jan. 6th is the first event of the season – Ski for Light at Erling Stordahl. Tracks will be set side by side. This is a great time to bring up the family or friends and join in on the fun.

Sunday Jan. 8th is the first race of the season at Cabin Creek. Gunnar Hagen 30k & 7.5k classic. Cabin Creek will be busy the entire weekend. It will be a good time for non racers to ski another area.

Don't forget to check out the home page because this is updated frequently as information comes in. Updated this AM (Friday). NOTE that the Snoqualmie Pass Snowshoe Program and Visitor Center are up and running!!!!

Happy New Year!


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